Reach – Digital strategies & community building to retain your devoted fans
Relationships – Securing strategic deals for your growth & capital
Rewards – Building loyalty & teamwork for today’s media companies & consumers
Recognition – Tapping mass media & new media for your new audiences
Reliance – Hit-making & trust across all ages & platforms
Revenues – Unleashing best practices for new models & monetization

Entertainment management consulting for a digital world

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About FanTrust

FanTrust provides content creators, producers, broadcasters, game companies and advertising agencies with premier strategies for building fan relationships and revenues.

FanTrust also advises broadband, mobile and technology companies on marketing to the entertainment industry, building winning media partnerships and expanding sales channels.

From interactive content creation to digital distribution, we customize business development deals for the best in multiplatform entertainment and market-share.

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MIPTV: Bringing Women on Board Will Ensure Better Business

The key message from speakers at the MIPTV Women In Tech & Media Breakfast networking event was that “when it’s bad for women, it’s bad for business.” Moderator Catherine Warren, president of Canada-based media, entertainment and technology consultancy FanTrust, said the event aimed to answer why women are underrepresented on the boards of media and tech companies. “We have to shatter the glass ceiling with the digital hammer,” she said. Panelist Marci Weisler, co-founder of US-based SWSI Media, said the


FanTrust develops and implements winning strategic initiatives for major film and television broadcasters and producers, telecommunications companies, computer corporations, video game companies, media and new media professional organizations and funding agencies, leading educational institutions, and world-class advertising agencies.

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Bell Fund February Funding Decisions Announced

The Board of Directors of the Bell Fund has announced its decisions for the February 1, 2015 deadline. A total of 70 applications were received and 38 English and French Digital Media, Television projects, and Industry Advancement Initiatives have received Production and Development grants totalling over $4.7M this round. Click here to view the February 2015 Funding Decisions.