Roifield Brown

Roifield_BrownRoifield is a veteran digital media producer and podcast host. He produces Skylines, the successful podcast for The New Statesman in London. Roifiled’s first podcast “How Jamaica Conquered the World” — 26 episodes on the culture, music and sport of the island — was awarded iTunes Podcast of the Week when it launched in 2012. Notable interviewees for this series include General Colin Powell, the current prime minister of Jamaica and numerous sportsmen and musicians. His “10 American Presidents” podcast does 40,000 downloads a month, and has had more than 200 reviews on iTunes worldwide.  Sponsors include 23andme and He also produces Mid Atlantic, the US and UK political podcast. Superfan Roifield, also creates and co-hosts Dumteedum, a weekly fan podcast about the world’s longest running radio soap, BBC’s The Archers. This popular aftershow podcast garners 25,000 listeners a month and has more than 250 5-star reviews on iTunes worldwide. Roifield’s podcasts continue to be promoted through numerous interviews on BBC Radio and in print media.